Astrology with Shivraj

Astrology with Shivraj


Astrology is the study of cosmic objects like stars and planet and their relationship with the human world. It also consider science by many. Astrology has been commonly used to understand and predict events related to all the common aspects of life since the starting of the civilisation. It is widely used for personal readings, to get insights on business related issues, career, finance, health, marriage, relationships, etc. Different cultures share similar ways in ancient astrological practices. In India Astrology is named as “Jyotish”. This means light leading to eternal almighty. In modern times called Vedic Astrology. Jyotish is known since long. Vedas are considered as oldest scripture since evolution of civilization. There is mention about Jyotish in all Vedas. There are 36 Shlokas in Rigved, 44 in Yajurved and around 162 in Atharved about Astrology i.e. Jyotish. This means knowledge of Astrology was well developed during times of Veda.


Astrology is the oldest study that throws light on Universe and initially was the sole medium to go into the unfathomable world of stars and planets. The Mother of all Divination, as it is rightly called, finds its origin in 4000 BC. It is believed that the concept of Western Astrology was introduced to the world by Babylonians and Egyptians. However, the oldest form of Astrology Horoscopes finds its route from China and India.


It is known that the position of a planet in Astrology Chart has a deep impact but it is the conjunction of two planets that has a much larger influence on various events and occurrences. There are several aspects of astrology, few of them include Trine, Square, Sextile, Conjunction and Opposition. Conjunction – Two planets when placed side by side in a Zodiac Chart combine their energies to give way to new beginnings, growth, new prospects and renewed energy. Square – When planets are at a right angle (90 degrees) to each other. Such planetary position can create tension and disturbance. Trine -Planets are at an angle of 120 degrees with one another. Such a position facilitates easy accomplishment of tasks. Sextile – When two planets form an angle of 60 degrees. This association is symbolic to new avenues and new opportunities. Opposition- As the name is, when planets are at an angle of 180 degrees, then this provides you the ability to have a clear vision about how to take the things forward.

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